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A place to store customer data that doesn’t fit anywhere else:

Introducing Custom Objects

Custom Objects allow you to adapt your CSP to suit the unique needs of your organisation. Create custom relational databases for key information like invoices, feature requests and partnerships and link to your accounts.

The easy way to customise your Customer Success Platform


Create custom data structures with an intuitive builder

Build databases with customisable fields and link them to your accounts, contacts or any other native object. Set-up only takes a few minutes and no code is required.


Integrate with your other systems to sync data

Connect tools used by your sales, marketing, onboarding, support and product teams to automatically populate the data you need. Get data flowing freely and break the silos.


Surface new insights by adding your objects to reporting dashboards

Track key metrics relevant to your custom objects on our dashboards. The metrics and visualisation style can be customised to your preference.

All this and more inside Velaris - the end-to-end platform for managing customer operations

Onboard, retain and grow your customers easily with our intuitive Customer Success Platform. Built for high-growth CS teams who want to scale their operations with twice the speed and half the stress.

Integrate with:

and more!

Velaris has streamlined our operations and organised all of our messy processes. Our Client Success team has been able to become way more efficient and make informed decisions about customers. There’s really nothing more a CS team could want in a CS platform.

Taran Hercules
Taran Hercules

Ready to discover your new Customer Success superpower?

Velaris will obliterate your team’s troubles and produce better experiences for your customers…and set up only takes minutes. What’s not to love? It’s, well, super!

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