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Hey, we're Velaris

We're here to empower businesses, like yours, to finally put customers front and centre.  The result? Informed and engaged teams; Delighted and successful customers: in two words, brand fans.

A little about us

Velaris, in a nutshell

Meet José and Dilanka, the founders of Velaris. After working in various companies within the B2B SaaS industry – from startups to well-established giants – they each noticed a reoccurring problem: a disconnect between organisation teams (particularly front-line) and the customer. This disconnect was only magnified by the pandemic, as businesses were forced to operate remotely without suitable communication and collaboration tools. Thus Velaris was born, as José and Dilanka decided to build the future customer platform for B2B companies that solved this very issue.

Velaris has grown rapidly since its inception. We’re now a unique bunch of problem solvers, designers, engineers, and developers, living and working across the globe, united by the desire to change the world of Customer Success.

Velaris is backed by successful SaaS entrepreneurs and investors.

Dilanka Kalutota
Co-Founder / CEO
José Fernández-Castaño
Co-Founder / COO

Our mission is to build state-of-the-art products for B2B companies, enabling them to make their own customers successful.


The Velarian DNA

We have a couple of ground rules here at Velaris  - nothing too crazy. These help to form our culture and serve as guiding principles on how we must act in order to achieve our common goal.

Be Bold icon

Be bold and own it

Ideas inspire us but action is what defines us. When we see a problem, we move to solve it. We collaborate, communicate, and are accountable for what we do individually, as well as a team.

Never Settle icon

Never settle

We know there's always a better way. We ask why, we challenge our ideas, and we're not afraid to experiment because we believe there's always an opportunity to do better.

Good vibes icon

Good vibes

We are naturally positive, we don't take ourselves too seriously and enjoy a good laugh, even at our expense. We don't complain about challenges, we look for solutions!  Good vibes are the best medicine for tough times.

Practice Karuna icon

Practice Karuna

We are empathetic but we don't stop there. We go beyond to help out our colleagues, customers, and stakeholders.

Teamwork icon

We are better together

Above all we are a team. We strive to create an environment that is encouraging, motivational, and supportive.


The Velarian DNA

We have a couple of ground rules here at Velaris  - nothing too crazy. These help to form our culture and serve as guiding principles on how we must act in order to achieve our common goal.


Why we exist

Velaris was built to solve a problem common to many B2B organisations: the inability to deliver true customer centricity. Although many companies talk about being "customer-centric", for most, the reality is quite different to this feel-good mantra.

Bringing the customer truly to the heart of an organisation is not the easiest task. The first step is understanding that customer-centricity is not a process – it’s a mindset that must be part of a company’s DNA. This means making an organisation-wide commitment to put the customer at the forefront of every decision. For that, teams need to be informed about the customer, and get to know them inside-out.

The problem is that modern-day businesses have cross-functional customer touchpoints on top of multi-discipline processes. As a result, data tends to be scattered across various systems that are disconnected, or is hidden within a complex BI tool that almost requires a PhD in data science to navigate.

This is where Velaris comes the rescue. We want to fix the disconnected data problem and believe the "Single Customer View" is an utmost necessity for any business. Velaris is unique because it was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world of work and the way we collaborate has changed. We therefore bring a fresh perspective to this problem.

Below are just some of the challenges Velaris is trying to solve:

Collaboration icon

Businesses' inadequate collaborative processes, coupled with siloed data locked in multiple systems, results in a lack of alignment across organisation-wide teams.

Customer journey icon

Customer journeys are becoming more complex. It's hard to keep track of the reasons why customers bought you in the first place.

Data icon

The volume, variety, and velocity of customer data that now exists overwhelms many organisations. This data is not being funnelled to front-line teams.

Enterprise tools icon

Modern SaaS teams are stuck managing large enterprise tools.

Velaris is growing!

We're looking for new talent to join our team. If you love solving problems, are forever curious, and aren't scared of pushing the boundaries of what's possible, then we want to hear from you. Come join us so together we can impact how businesses make their customers successful.

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