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Connect with your customers in the right place, at the right time

Collaborating with your customers has never been easier. Streamline customer communications and monitor mutual projects with our set of collaboration tools.

email campaigns

Create automatic email campaigns

Don’t waste time writing the same emails over and over again. With Velaris Campaigns, you can create a template once and forget about it while your campaigns run in the background.

customer portal

Collaborate easier with customers in a dedicated workspace

Customers keep losing track of files, instructions and links? Organise your shared documents, instructions and action items in a collaborative space.


Collect feedback from customers

CSAT and NPS survey tools are built into the platform, making it easy to:

  • Collect data at scale
  • Analyse responses
  • Track performance over time

PMF and CES coming soon.

velaris ai

Draft in-app emails in minutes with the help of generative AI

There’s no need to second guess yourself on what to say anymore. Simply input your prompt, make a few edits and hit send on all your emails, in-app.

One of the best things in Velaris is that we can create different workflows and automate everything to control the communication in every step of our pipelines.

Alejandro Miranda
Account Manager at Viterbit

Ready to discover your new Customer Success superpower?

Velaris will obliterate your team’s troubles and produce better experiences for your customers…and set up only takes minutes. What’s not to love? It’s, well, super!

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