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Be Part of Something Game-Changing!

We're powered by the drive to create something special in the interplay between company and customer. This passion, and the desire to meet new challenges head on, brings us together as a team.

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we're all about team

What it's really like to work at Velaris

We’re fully remote, which is to say we have team members all over the globe. We use cool tools like Slack and Google Meet to create amazing things across continents. This means we have a diverse set of people and views, making for more creative work and more interesting discussions about what we're having for dinner that night.

We’ve created a culture that's supportive, autonomous, and collaborative. It's a place where we play to our strengths and encourage creativity and experimentation. What unites us is our appetitie to continuously learn and push ourselves, as one team, to create a solution that impacts the success of businesses and their customers. Hard work and commitment never goes unnoticed here. We love that our team each have unique experiences, skills, and abilities - diversity and inclusion is part of who we are.

Plenty of perks

Our people make us what we are. That's why we want to make sure our team is energized, focused, and thriving. At Velaris, you get some lovely perks to make the working week that little bit sweeter.

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A healthy work-life balance is important to us. Flexible work schedules allow you to manage your own time so you'll never miss that appointment or gym class.

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We provide you with the tech and tools to maintain a productive work schedule and ensure you stay connected to your co-workers so nothing gets in the way of your creativity.

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Who wants to work on their birthday? We give you a day off to relax and enjoy yourself on your special day.

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Annual team-building events so you can connect with your fellow Velarians and get to know each other better.

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Central to the identity of Velaris is to “never settle” and always seek continuous improvement.  So we put our money where our mouth is and set aside a budget to encourage personal growth and development,which you can spend on books, courses, conferences, or any other learning tools that will help you become even more awesome at your job.

join our team

We're always looking for new can-do'ers

We're really proud of our awesome team that brings together practical minds, problem-solvers, and creative thinkers. But it's not yet complete. We're looking for new talent to make us even better. That could be you!

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and creative mindset?

Are you courageous, passionate, and self-motivated?

Are you someone who loves to explore and learn new things?

Are you obsessed with quality and never satisfied with the status quo?

Then we'd love to hear from you. Because we have big plans to build something special at Velaris. Why not join us?

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Don't see your dream job listed?

Just because your ideal job isn't listed doesn't mean you aren't perfect for Velaris. Send your CV and any examples of your work anyway. That way if something suitable crops up we're sure to be in touch.

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