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Case Study: Velaris streamlines StaySafe's customer data, boosting efficiency and enabling strategic growth

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The Company

Founded in 2012, StaySafe is dedicated to creating suitable app-based solutions that address workplace safety challenges directly. The widely accessible tool assists companies in meeting their legal and ethical duty of care, providing exceptional user-friendly functionalities and serving a diverse range of customers across various sectors. StaySafe joined forces with the EcoOnline Group in 2022, creating together a comprehensive suite of Health & Safety expertise that proves its commitment to providing the finest and holistic solutions in the industry in over 50 countries.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Velaris, StaySafe faced many challenges that hindered the efficacy of its customer success operations. Key information scattered across multiple spreadsheets and systems kept the team overwhelmed, disconnected from their customers, and uncertain of their path to success.

Despite a desire to deliver exceptional personalized services to their customers, the team was encumbered by a lack of visibility over the ownership of accounts and their accompanying requirements. Key processes were considerably decelerated by a high volume of low-value manual tasks that required automation. They lacked a tool that could guide them, something that could establish a clear focus, delineate responsibilities and centralize information.

Outdated data also hindered strategic decision-making for senior management. Vital details, such as contract start dates, were buried under layers of disparate information systems, leading to guesswork, uncertainty and inefficient communication between departments.

StaySafe’s challenges were characterized by the absence of a single, easy-to-use interface that provides the valuable insights needed for proactive, data-driven decisions. As they explored how to solve this issue, they found the roadmap they needed to bring order to the chaos, Velaris.

The Solution

Velaris Platform's swift implementation in January, following its December introduction, revolutionized StaySafe's customer success approach. The metric of user accounts, vital for lone worker enterprise clients, became instantly accessible, fostering informed decisions and personalized engagement.

The Velaris team rapidly delivered value, outpacing the lengthy onboarding process of 2-3 months taken by other platforms. Unlike other companies, Velaris offers an all-encompassing toolkit from day one, eliminating hidden costs and providing scalability as StaySafe grows.

The onboarding process included seamless data organisation and import, including financial records that furnished insights into account size and value, thereby eliminating days spent chasing internal obstacles, propelling automation adoption, and boosting productivity. All essential information became instantly accessible through a single intuitive interface - eliminating the need to switch between multiple tabs and systems.

In summary, Velaris not only streamlined operations but also introduced more effective approaches to StayStafe’s team. StaySafe’s customer success journey  evolved from a messy maze to a well-orchestrated symphony centred around an intuitive, single-screen interface powered by Velaris - the modern customer success platform.

The Result

StaySafe sales and CS activities gained laser focus. Improved understanding of customer purpose, profitability, and churn rates clarified their overall business strategy, providing a clearer path to boosting MRR.

Velaris allowed StaySafe to segment their accounts, which helped uncover customer needs and prioritize communications - especially with regard to product and price changes. Where CSMs used to spend 25% of their day investigating which accounts needed attention, they began to spend time on high-impact tasks that prevent churn and generate revenue.

Reporting and data visibility empowered strategic decision-making based on real-time data. Key account management thrived through historical insights and information readily available, rectifying past missteps and capitalizing on missed opportunities. The team was able to address customer requirements with confidence and speed.

Velaris evolved into an extension of the Customer Success and Development team, freeing up internal resources and time. Moreover, the new proactive approach and cross-team synergy amplified efficiency and lifted the overwhelm off the team’s shoulders.

Having streamlined their CS operations through Velaris, StaySafe plans to further power up their team with Velaris’ seamless integrations, bridging the gap between their Hubspot, Salesforce, and Intercom systems. With Velaris powering its upsell and expansion strategies, StaySafe has set off on the path toward new levels of growth and success with newfound confidence.

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