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Bring any unique customer data point into your CSP with Custom Objects

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For most CS teams, trying to get their data to work with their tech stack might feel like hammering a square peg into a round hole. Whether you’re using Hubspot, Salesforce or a Customer Success Platform, every team probably has some unique data they need to track that just doesn’t quite fit anywhere inside the platforms they use.

This might be because of a unique business model, a complex multi-product offering, or a heavily layered customer hierarchy. In such cases, CS teams might have to depend on other teams to get them the data they need from a different system, which can block workflows and slow them down. Or this data lives in a messy spreadsheet that never gets updated properly (and you can somehow never find it quickly when you need it most). That’s why Velaris is proud to announce a new feature that will unlock the next level in customer data management: custom objects!

What are Custom Objects?

Custom Objects allow users to create and manage custom data points for information that doesn’t fit anywhere else in Velaris. You can set up relational databases for information like invoices, feature requests and partnerships that link back to your accounts. This means there’s no restriction on the items you can track using Velaris - it’s more organised than a spreadsheet and has easy reporting functionality built in.  

Why Use Custom Objects?

  • Customization: Velaris can now be adapted to fit your organisation's unique needs, creating an experience that fits like a glove.
  • Accessibility: Any type of data you need will now be available at your fingertips, displayed in an intuitive, customizable dashboard.
  • Efficiency: With custom objects you can streamline your operations by integrating all types of customer data into one platform, reducing the need for multiple tools and eliminating frustrating data silos.

Implementing Custom Objects

Setting Up Your First Custom Object

Setting up a Custom Object is straightforward. You can customise your objects with any number of data fields and create multiple relationships with other data points in the platform. 

Integration with Existing Systems

Custom Objects seamlessly integrate with your current tech stack, complementing existing data structures and enhancing your overall data hygiene. 

What can CS teams use Custom Objects for?

The use cases for Custom Objects are endless.Whatever you need to track, we have you covered. But here’s where we think they can add a lot of value to CS teams:

1. Tracking feature requests

The endless feature requests list clogging up your notes app need a proper home. WIth Custom Objects, you can create a database that lists every feature request alongside the names of the accounts that requested it and assign priority levels. 

This will help you see the most commonly requested features at a glance and prioritise them. Your Product team will thank you for it.

2. Invoicing

Always chasing invoices and never quite sure what’s due next? Need to track multiple invoices across large accounts? Custom Objects have you covered. 

Integrate Velaris with your invoicing software or create your own invoice records inside the platform to always stay on top of payments and due dates.

3.Tracking partners or non-customer relationships

Most CSPs and CRMs have only 2, maximum 3 account layers: contacts, accounts and maybe organisations. But sometimes, this isn’t enough. It may be the case that

  • Your customer base goes 4 layers deep
  • You have resellers or partners that are separate from customers
  • You’re a marketplace that needs to track buyers and sellers independently

Whatever the case, you can use custom objects to account for your complex setup and multi-threaded relationships.


Custom Objects are a game-changer for any team that needs a single source of truth for their customer data. This feature is designed to:

  • Enhance customization, making the platform work for your specific business needs.
  • Improve data accessibility with an intuitive, customizable dashboard.
  • Increase operational efficiency by consolidating data management into one tool.

Velaris is committed to providing unparalleled flexibility and control over how data is organized and accessed within CS teams and the broader organisation. 

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