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Hostaway partners with Velaris to pioneer Customer Success in Hospitality Tech

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Hostaway, a hospitality tech startup that allows vacation rental property owners to manage their listings across channels and streamline the management of their properties, is doubling down on its commitment to delivering great customer experiences by partnering with Velaris, a powerful Customer Success Platform that allows B2B tech companies to understand the health of their book of business and enable the front line teams to take a proactive approach to Customer Success.

With a recent funding of $175M, Hostaway aims to provide the industry's best service and experiences to property managers worldwide as they continue their hyper-growth phase.

“Customer Success is in our DNA at Hostaway.  One of our core values is Our Customers' Success is Our Success, it is not just another catchy phrase. By using Velaris as our hub, we have been able to streamline and scale our Success department to ensure we stay focused on our clients at all points of their customer journey” – Josh Loe, Chief Customer Officer at Hostaway.

Velaris’ founders have an extensive background in hospitality tech and B2B SaaS, they are the perfect partner for Hostaway to improve their customer experience. Dilanka Kalutota and Jose Fernandez-Castano founded Velaris after personally experiencing the challenges of Customer Success teams in industries with complex customer setups.

“Having worked at various SaaS companies before launching (including Mews - another hospitality tech company), my cofounder and I realised that there are additional challenges in CS that come with serving groups and independent customers simultaneously. This is especially true for hospitality tech. For example, most CRMs are not designed with capabilities for visualising and rolling up data to a parent entity. Velaris has pioneered this functionality.” - José

Hostaway experienced some growing pains along the way to its recent industry record $175 Million funding round led by PSG Equity. Adapting to the dynamic landscape of the hospitality industry, balancing intricate property management needs with evolving guest expectations, and ensuring seamless customer experiences across various touch points are some persistent pain points they faced.

With Velaris’ flexible and powerful platform, Hostaway has tackled these problems head-on. By leveraging the customer data intelligence, automation and project management tools that Velaris offers, Hostaway aims to execute stellar Customer Success at scale.

Looking ahead, Hostaway envisions a future where these challenges are transformed into opportunities. With a strategic focus on customer success, technology integration, personalised guest interactions, and streamlined property management, Hostaway is poised to revolutionise the industry by delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower property managers to exceed customer expectations, drive growth, and thrive in an ever-changing market.

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