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Customer Success Titles and Responsibilities

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Are you feeling lost in the maze of Customer Success job titles and responsibilities? You're not alone. With the rapid growth of the Customer Success industry, the number of roles and job descriptions has expanded significantly. It can be overwhelming to navigate this landscape, especially when it comes to understanding the differences between titles, the scope of each role, and the corresponding salaries.

However, taking the time to familiarise yourself with the various Customer Success job titles and their responsibilities is crucial for your career growth and success. Knowing where you fit in the Customer Success ecosystem and what skills and experience are required for each role can help you chart a clear path forward, whether you're just starting out or looking to advance your career.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll break down the most common Customer Success job titles, their core responsibilities, and the typical salaries associated with each role. By the end of this article, you'll have a better understanding of the Customer Success landscape and how to position yourself for success in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

With that, let's dive in and explore the world of Customer Success job titles and responsibilities together!

Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

The Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is a pivotal executive role within an organisation responsible for championing customer-centric strategies, enhancing customer experiences, and driving customer loyalty and retention. 

As the customer advocate at the highest levels of the company, the CCO plays a crucial role in shaping the company's customer-focused initiatives and ensuring that the organisation remains aligned with customer needs and expectations.

Job Description

The Chief Customer Officer (CCO) holds a strategic position focused on enhancing customer relationships and driving business growth through a customer-centric approach. 

The CCO collaborates closely with the executive board to design and implement programmes that improve the overall customer experience. This role involves ideating innovative strategies, developing customer loyalty programmes, and training employees to deliver exceptional customer service.


Here are some of the main responsibilities CCOs are expected to carry out:

  1. Achieving revenue goals

The CCO takes a customer-centric approach to achieving revenue goals. This means they focus on being favourable to the customer, but also profitable to the organisation.

  1. Solving customer problems

The CCO is tasked with addressing lasting customer issues internally, building a competitive advantage, and fostering customer loyalty to drive profitability.

  1. Evangelising the customer experience

The CCO ensures that the customer perspective informs all business decisions, leading to increased customer lifetime value and profitability.

  1. Sustaining a consistent customer experience

Maintaining a seamless and consistent customer experience across all touchpoints is a key responsibility of the CCO.


According to recent data, the average salary for a CCO in the United Kingdom is £144,608 and ranges between £84,000 to £155,000. 

Customer Success Director

Job Description

The Customer Success Director or Vice President (VP) is a senior-level executive responsible for leading the Customer Success function within an organisation. 

They oversee the entire customer journey, from onboarding to ongoing support, ensuring that customers achieve their desired outcomes and derive maximum value from the company's products or services. 

This role requires a deep understanding of customer needs, effective communication skills, and the ability to collaborate cross-functionally to drive customer satisfaction and retention.


Here are some of the main responsibilities Customer Success Directors are expected to carry out:

  1. Developing and implementing Customer Success strategies

The Customer Success Director or VP defines the vision, goals, and roadmap for the Customer Success function, aligning it with the overall business objectives.

  1. Building and leading a high-performing Customer Success team: 

Customer Success Directors recruit, train, and manage a team of Customer Success professionals.

  1. Fostering strong customer-centric mindsets

By regularly engaging with key stakeholders and decision-makers, Customer Success Directors ensure that customers' needs are understood and addressed effectively.

  1. Driving customer onboarding and adoption

Customer Success Directors oversee the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition for new customers and facilitating successful product implementation.

  1. Monitoring and analysing customer health

Customer Success Directors use data-driven insights to identify at-risk accounts, proactively address issues, and drive customer retention and growth.

  1. Collaborating with cross-functional teams

Customer Success Directors work closely with sales, marketing, product, and support teams to align on customer needs, share insights, and drive customer-centric initiatives.


The average salary for a Customer Success Director in the United Kingdom is £106,215 per year, but typically ranges between £73,000 and £108,000. 

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Job Description

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) is a crucial role responsible for cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with assigned accounts. 

CSMs ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and recognition of ROI, leading to strong renewals and growth opportunities. 

They work closely with customers alongside Sales, Customer Support, and Product Management teams to ensure successful product implementation and ongoing support.


Here are some of the main responsibilities CSMs are expected to carry out:

  1. Building relationships with customers

CSMs are responsible for developing positive, customer-centric relationships, helping them with issues, and continually delighting them.

  1. Ensuring effective product usage

CSMs work with customers to ensure they are leveraging the company's products effectively and finding value in the services provided.

  1. Becoming a product expert

CSMs must become experts in the company's products and educate customers on the use and benefits of the offerings.

  1. Collaborating with cross-functional teams

CSMs work closely with Sales, Support, Billing, and other teams to ensure an exceptional customer experience and address any customer issues that arise.

  1. Advocating for customers

CSMs are the voice of the customer, capturing feedback and reporting requests to Product Management and Development.

  1. Driving customer retention and growth

CSMs focus on essential activities that ensure customer satisfaction, account renewal, and account growth.


The average salary for a Customer Success Manager in the United Kingdom is £50,678 per year but also ranges between £34,000 to £55,000. 

Onboarding Manager

Job Description

An Onboarding Manager is a crucial role responsible for overseeing the successful integration of new customers into a company's products or services. 

They work closely with cross-functional teams to develop and implement comprehensive onboarding programs that ensure customers achieve their desired outcomes and maintain a high level of satisfaction. 

By fostering strong relationships and facilitating effective product implementation, Onboarding Managers play a significant role in driving customer success and retention.


  1. Developing and executing onboarding strategies

The Onboarding Manager is responsible for creating and implementing effective onboarding plans that guide customers through the initial stages of product usage.

  1. Collaborating with cross-functional teams

They work closely with Sales, Customer Success, Support, and Product teams to align on customer needs and deliver a seamless onboarding experience.

  1. Conducting engaging onboarding sessions

Onboarding Managers lead informative and interactive sessions that introduce customers to the product's features, benefits, and best practices.

  1. Providing ongoing support and guidance

They serve as a primary point of contact for customers, addressing questions, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring a smooth transition throughout the onboarding process.

  1. Monitoring onboarding progress and success

By tracking key metrics and gathering customer feedback, Onboarding Managers identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance the onboarding experience.

  1. Advocating for customer needs

They capture and share customer feedback with relevant teams to ensure that the product roadmap aligns with customer requirements and expectations.


The average salary for an Onboarding Manager in the United Kingdom is £36,228 per year, but also typically ranges between £27,000 to £48,000. 

Customer Success Representatives

Job Description

A Customer Success Representative (CSR) is an entry-level role responsible for providing exceptional support and guidance to customers throughout their journey with a company's products or services. 

CSRs serve as the primary point of contact for customers, ensuring their satisfaction, fostering strong relationships, and facilitating successful product implementation. 

By delivering high-quality assistance and advocating for customer needs, CSRs play a crucial role in driving customer retention and growth.


  1. Providing excellent customer support

CSRs respond promptly to customer inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and offer solutions to ensure a positive customer experience.

  1. Fostering customer relationships

They build rapport with customers, understand their unique needs, and act as trusted advisors throughout the customer lifecycle.

  1. Facilitating product onboarding

CSRs guide customers through the initial stages of product implementation, ensuring a smooth transition and helping them achieve their desired outcomes.

  1. Collaborating with cross-functional teams

They work closely with Sales, Marketing, and Product teams to align on customer requirements and communicate feedback for product improvements.

  1. Monitoring customer health:

By tracking key metrics and gathering customer feedback, CSRs identify potential issues and opportunities for growth.

  1. Escalating complex issues

For more complex problems, CSRs escalate to appropriate teams or managers to ensure timely resolution and customer satisfaction.


The average salary for a Customer Success Representative in the United Kingdom is £31,034 per year and ranges between £23,000 to £35,000.

Understanding the Nuances of Salaries in Customer Success

In the realm of Customer Success, salaries can vary based on several factors, influencing the compensation levels for different roles within the industry. Understanding these variations is crucial for professionals seeking to navigate the field effectively. Here are some important factors to consider when looking at salaries:

  1. Role-based variances

Salaries in Customer Success can differ significantly based on the specific role held within the organisation. Positions like CCO, CSM, and Onboarding Manager each carry distinct salary ranges reflecting their responsibilities and seniority.

  1. Experience impact

The level of experience an individual brings to the table plays a significant role in determining salaries in Customer Success. Professionals with more years in the field often command higher compensation due to their expertise and track record of success.

  1. Company size

The size of the company can also influence salary ranges. Larger companies may offer higher salaries to attract top talent, while smaller firms might provide competitive compensation packages with additional benefits. It’s also important to note that smaller firms may allocate more tasks to one individual, such as a CSM, and add more specialised leadership roles later on.

  1. Geographic location

Geographic location is a key factor affecting salaries. Urban regions typically offer higher salaries for Customer Success roles, while other areas may have lower salary ranges. This means that the estimates we’ve included above may be different in your country and area. 

If you want more specific information on salary ranges, consider speaking to individuals in the field in your local area or using a tool like Glassdoor for location-specific estimates.

  1. Additional benefits

In addition to base salaries, companies may provide benefits such as bonuses, stock options, healthcare, and professional development opportunities, impacting the overall compensation package Customer Success professionals receive.

Understanding the nuances of industry standards and the factors influencing salary ranges in Customer Success is essential for professionals to make informed decisions about their career paths and compensation expectations. By considering experience, company size, and geographic location, you can navigate the diverse landscape of salaries within the Customer Success field effectively.


Customer Success encompasses a wide range of roles, from entry-level positions like Customer Success Representatives to senior-level executives such as Chief Customer Officers (CCOs) and Customer Success Directors. Each role plays a vital part in ensuring customer satisfaction, driving retention, and fostering long-lasting relationships.

The responsibilities and salary ranges for Customer Success titles vary based on factors like experience, company size, and geographic location. CCOs and Customer Success Directors typically command higher salaries due to their strategic decision-making roles and leadership responsibilities, while others may be lower in comparison.

The Customer Success landscape is constantly evolving, so staying up-to-date with industry trends, best practices, and salary benchmarks is crucial for making informed career decisions. 

Use this knowledge to chart your course and explore new opportunities. The future of Customer Success is bright, and with the right mindset and skills, you can thrive in a rapidly growing industry.

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