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Connect by Velaris: A New Era of Customer Collaboration

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Anyone who has been in a customer-facing role knows that alignment and communication in collaborative customer projects is fraught with challenges. Traditional project management tools and spreadsheets are an incomplete fix because they are missing vital pieces of the puzzle. Even with these solutions, businesses are still plagued with obstacles such as: 

  • Customer data siloed in multiple places 
  • Documents scattered across countless email threads and Google Drive folders
  • Important updates lost in a sea of messages

All this means that your team is pulled in different directions while managing customers, taking up time and resources that could have been spent on creating more customer value and satisfaction. Although customer data platforms and collaborative tools have cropped up over the years, there has been no tool that combines customer collaboration with customer data - until now.

Connect by Velaris is a new extension of our Customer Success Platform that’s designed to bridge this gap and revolutionize the way businesses manage their customer-related tasks. It addresses the challenges and roadblocks that come with implementing new systems, products, or services for your customer. 

The platform integrates customer data, allowing businesses to better align with customers on goals, processes and requirements. Customers can collaborate directly with the company, and have access to all important information, making Velaris their single source of truth. Both customer and company get improved visibility on project progress and task ownership, getting things done faster with more transparency.

Traditionally, onboarding and implementation are challenging stages for Customer Success and Onboarding teams to handle. Task responsibilities are murky and there’s no visibility on progress. The result? Low trust from customers and long, costly implementation periods with delayed time-to-value. 

But with Connect by Velaris, businesses can streamline the initial onboarding process and adapt to the evolving needs of customers post-implementation by leveraging Velaris's powerful project management engine.

Businesses will have the ability to instantly track and manage all aspects of the customer journey, including training initiatives, adoption rates, and customer requests. This unified approach to customer management eliminates the need for switching between different tools and provides a comprehensive overview within Velaris, the ultimate customer platform.

Connect by Velaris is expected to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of onboarding and customer success teams. By leveraging the platform's capabilities, businesses can anticipate an improvement of 11-25% in their overall performance in customer onboarding and success management. Businesses save time, minimize costly misunderstandings and speed up customer operations.

Ready to discover your new Customer Success superpower?

Velaris will obliterate your team’s troubles and produce better experiences for your customers…and set up only takes minutes. What’s not to love? It’s, well, super!

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