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A B2B Customer Data Platform that enables collaboration, automation, and success!

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Introducing Velaris - a B2B Customer Data Platform that enables collaboration, automation, and success!

Customer data is one of the most precious resources a business can hold. But collecting and connecting this data to draw meaningful insights is also one of their biggest problems. The lack of access to a holistic view of customers means many teams are burning up huge amounts of time, energy and resources chasing scattered data across different siloed systems. Time that should be spent driving more value for customers.

Enter Customer Data Platforms. CDPs have cropped up over the years at an impressive rate, designed to solve this long-persisting pain point. Within the next decade, CDPs are estimated to reach 30% CAGR and hit $50 billion in market size. Thanks to them, businesses now have invaluable customer data at their fingertips - allowing them to build detailed, informed customer experience and success strategies faster than ever before.

Yet, despite the success of CDPs in the B2C space, B2B companies continue to wrestle with data silos. Their B2C counterparts are using data to thrive, but they’re still stuck in the past.

B2B businesses need a new way to manage data

In the world of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), it's crucial you fulfil your product promise to satisfy your customers. Retention is vital for growth and making exaggerated sales claims won't cut it anymore. The key to success is delivering consistent value and that's where Customer Success comes in.

But how can Customer Success deliver value, drive renewals, expansions, and ensure success for customers if you don’t properly understand them? And how can you truly know your buyers when customer data is sitting in 10 to 15 different systems?

You must nail your onboarding to deliver the product promise but how do you collaborate with customers to eliminate blockers and gain clarity on what’s expected from their end? Can you really stay engaged and proactive with customers when your team is wasting time on low-value housekeeping tasks that can and should be automated?

Velaris - the ultimate Customer Platform

As co-founders in the B2B tech industry, we encountered these pain points firsthand. That's precisely why we developed Velaris - the ultimate Customer Platform, providing seamless collaboration, automation, and ultimately success.

The team at Velaris believes that the future of customer-facing work in B2B SaaS is evolving at a rapid pace. The market is pivoting towards automation and the use of AI to eliminate administrative tasks and improve focus and quality.

However, customer-facing teams and customer-centric organisations are yet to realise and harness the full potential of automation and AI, despite their significant advancements. One of the main challenges organisations encounter is the considerable effort needed to implement these advanced technologies. Additionally, it can be a daunting task to apply automation and AI across every customer management platform a business uses.

Velaris’ technology erases this effort and confusion. Our automation and AI capabilities focus on plug-and-play implementation and adoption with the flexibility to scale across many systems and teams. This API-first approach ensures seamless data transfer between various systems and incorporating specialised NLP and GPT libraries significantly lightens the workload of your customer-facing staff. Together, these features significantly boost your teams’ productivity, allowing them to focus on developing effective customer strategies, rather than mundane, routine tasks.

Customer Success cannot achieve its full potential without proper technological support. Teams wrestling with incompatible systems and overburdened by low-level tasks are prone to miss critical churn indicators and key expansion opportunities. Left unaddressed, this leads to unproductive account management and snowballing revenue losses.

Stop limiting your Customer Success. It’s time to truly understand and empower your customers by bridging data silos and embracing innovative new tech. Want to take your work to the next level? Request a demo or get in touch with our team via

Ready to discover your new Customer Success superpower?

Velaris will obliterate your team’s troubles and produce better experiences for your customers…and set up only takes minutes. What’s not to love? It’s, well, super!

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